Fuck Yeah, SSBB!


New Smash Bros. Trailer

Possibly the fastest I’ve ever made a gif set.

Full Trailer

PK thunder by ~Dylean
SSBM/SSBB by ~Yokai-Link
RE kingdom hearts VS smash bros by ~mauroz
Game Grumps VS SSBB by ~AddSomePurple
Unplanned Hiatus

After 6 years of working like a champion, my poor old desktop has finally given up the ghost! I have a couple of weeks worth of posts stashed away in the drafts and I can get on to reblog or post submissions if there are any but until I can get it fixed there’s gonna be a dry spell. Sorry!

J- Bowser -SSBB by ~Manami-bashi
乱闘まとめ | あめいろ [pixiv]
COS: SSB Group by ~Chancake
SSB: Snakes hide by ~Salevits
【イラリク】勇者君と天使君 | そるべ@ついった [pixiv]
Link V.S. Snake by ~Kaigetsudo
Do you have any pictures of Snake and Link?

I just added a couple to the queue, one incoming shortly. There’s not a lot of pics with just them two- they’re usually grouped in with the other human-like characters.

ももいろマックスハート | はちまる [pixiv]
らくがきまとめ | 粒田@すまぶら! [pixiv]